Watch Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 2

Watch Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 2

This episode takes us back to Theon Greyjoy, who is still under the capture by Ramsay Snow, who continues to torture him to the point of absolute obedience. Ramsay Snow does this to make sure that Theon is handy for him when he tries to capture Moat Catlin from the Greyjoys.

Moving back to King’s Landing, we see Tyrion’s attempts to help Jaime regain his lost form by having him spar with Bronn in sword fighting. Jaime has been trying to get to the King’s Guard and in order to do that, he must learn how to use a sword in his left hand. In a rather difficult decision, Tyrion also sends away Shae as he learns that she would be killed if spotted with him again.

An already upset Tyrion at Joffrey’s wedding is humiliated even further by Joffrey as he forces him to serve wine. As Joffrey takes a sip of this wine, one of the biggest twists in the turn happens as he begins to convulse and dies in Cersei’s arms. As he dies, he points towards Tyrion and so does Cersei causing everyone to believe that he has poisoned Joffrey.

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